3M™ Ioban™ 2 Antimicrobial Incise Drapes

Antimicrobial film Ioban™ 2 is an innovative approach to prevent infection. Ioban™ 2 provides a high level of the aseptic operative field and perfectly fixed to the skin of the patient. Coatings containing iodoform for sustained antimicrobial activity for all types (even very long) surgery operations. Silicone base helps to make the location of Ioban ™ 2 films to the skin of the patient easier, and adhesive base ensures secure fixation to the skin.
Base: polyester.
Adhesive: polyacrylate that is harmless for skin.
The cutting film with iodoform Ioban 2 ™ combines the possibility of a quick skin disinfection with long-term wounds protection from microorganisms. Ioban™ 2
Antimicrobial Incise Drapes sticks to the dry skin of the patient after surgical field treatment on and drying by a sterile napkin.
Iodoform antiseptic gradually released from the adhesive layer of the film during the whole time of operation and provides suppression of microflora and the effect of immobilization of microorganisms through a special adhesive coating applied to the film. The film is removed before suturing.
  • Provides the highest available level of aseptic of the surgical field during the whole period of operation due to the effect of iodoform and mechanical immobilization of microorganisms.
  • Excludes the possibility of tools, gloves and liquids contact with bacteria on the skin of the patient and getting them into the wound.
  • Film suppresses a wide range of microorganisms, including S. epidermis, Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli Pseudomonas aeruginosin;
  • Breathable film ensures a solid fixation even during the continuous operations;
  • Dressing easily stretches and "remembers" the form that enables quick and tightly fixation to the relief areas of the body;
  • Full transparency of the film provides a good overview of the operation;
  • Fixation of the surgical sheets around the area of the cut (instead of clips and adhesive tapes) becomes easier.
  • Dressing is hypoallergenic because of acrylic adhesive.
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