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3M ™ Soft Cast ™ semi-rigid immobilization polymer bandage

Semi-rigid immobilization bandage 3M ™ Soft Cast allows to form bands of different hardness. After hardening the material remains semi-rigid and is easy to cut with bandaging scissors. The material is elastic, but not stretchable and always takes its original shape. Available in different colors (white, blue, green, blue, purple).
Recommended areas of application:
  • Combined bandages (splint-circular) in combination with a rigid polymer immobilization bandage 3M ™ Scotchcast ™ - functional method of immobilization in the treatment of fractures, orthopedic diseases and diabetic foot syndrome;
  • Damage to the ligaments of extremities;
  • External immobilization after immersed osteosynthesis (when indicated).

For functional stabilization a combination of materials 3M ™ Scotchcast ™ and 3M ™ Soft Sast is used, thus preserving muscle tone, reduce the risk of developing edema, muscle atrophy and joint stiffness. 3M ™ Scotchcast ™ provides stabilization in fracture, while 3M ™ Soft Sast allows controlled functional load supporting muscle tone of soft tissues and thus favors rapid rehabilitation of the patient.

Advantages of bandages combination 3M ™ Scotchcast ™ and 3M ™ Soft Cast:
  • Does not require 3M ™ Cast Padding ™;
  • The effect of "the muscle pump" is created during muscle activity by 3M ™ Scotchcast ™, which follows the contours of the limb;
  • Additional comfort and reduced pain allows for early return to physical activity;
  • Soft edge bands provide comfort to the patient;
  • The patient can wear shoes during immobilization of lower limb;
  • Easily removed with scissors.

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