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3М is the multi-field technological company with experience for manufacture of products within public heath area over hundred year. 3М innovative technologies within auscultation and diagnostic, skin care, wounds and catheter insertion sites, patient preoperative preparation, sterilization and immobilization won the leading positions in the international market.
  • Rigid immobilization bandage 3M ™ Scotchcast ™ can completely replace the cast in the treatment of fractures. The combination of extreme durability and lightness of material (several times lighter than gypsum) makes using it much more comfortable. Promotes gas exchange between the skin and the environment (breathing), which prevents itching and maceration. Available in different colors (white, blue, green, blue, purple).More info
  • Semi-rigid immobilization bandage 3M ™ Soft Cast allows to form bands of different hardness. After hardening the material remains semi-rigid and is easy to cut with bandaging scissors. The material is elastic, but not stretchable and always takes its original shape. Available in different colors (white, blue, green, blue, purple).More info
  • Soft fabric lining that is applied to the area before splinting.More info
  • Nonwoven, soft, porous, comfortable and strong polyester padding.More info
  • Provides reliable compression for a long time, preventing relative displocation and twisting turns (tours). Fixed by special porous structure, due to which no need to use additional fastening straps and pins. 3M ™ Coban ™ can be used as a compression bandage in tension, to prevent swelling, synovitis, hematosis, thrombosis in the postoperative period, for fixing dressings and devices as well as for partial immobilization. Available in different colors (flesh, white and blue).More info
  • 3M™ Steri-Strip™ Skin Closures can be used for closure of lacerations, surgical incisions and wound support following early suture/staple removal.More info
  • 3M™ Micropore™ tape is designed to meet all surgical dressing requirements. Despite the tight fixation, tape could be easily removed without irritating even very sensitive skin. The porous structure allows moisture to leak without reducing adhesion. High adhesion on damp skin.More info
  • Plastic breathable hypoallergenic basis provides a free gas exchange between the skin and the environment. Because of the perforation, tape easily tears in longitudinal and transverse direction. Transparency basis allows visual monitoring of the place of fixation and provides cosmetic effect.More info
  • Easily adapts to the shape of any surface. Excellent stretch does not irritate the skin during long-term use and movement. Tape is in the roll, therefore it could be easily cut it after measuring the required length. It does not interfere with gas exchange and leaves no adhesive residue on removal.More info
  • Extra strength hypoallergenic tape that provides secure fixation of the most complex surgical dressings. The strength of fixation is achieved due to the special structure of the tape. Moisture-proof base does not interfere air exchange and prevents moisture build-up, which could cause wound maceration and weakening of adhesion.More info
  • Transparent film allows monitoring the condition of the wound without removing the dressing, and provides protection from moisture and dirt. Specially designed adhesive coating ensures secure fixation and peeling edges. Unique applying system that uses frame helps accurately and simply apply a bandage to the wound.More info
  • Tegaderm ™ + Pad dressing is a sterile transparent film with the absorbent pad. Used for the closing a dry and uninfected wounds with a minor release during the treatment of patients in hospitals or at home.More info
  • 3M ™ Medipore ™ + Pad is a sterile dressing that features elastic nonwoven adhesive coated base with hypoallergenic waterproof adhesive and absorbent pad. Non-adherent pad won`t stick to the wound, allowing painless removal. Medipore ™ + Pad leaves no adhesive residue on removal. A good alternative to the regular gauze dressings.More info
  • Antimicrobial film Ioban™ 2 is an innovative approach to prevent infection. Ioban™ 2 provides a high level of the aseptic operative field and perfectly fixed to the skin of the patient. Coatings containing iodoform for sustained antimicrobial activity for all types (even very long) surgery operations. Silicone base helps to make the location of Ioban ™ 2 films to the skin of the patient easier, and adhesive base ensures secure fixation to the skin.More info
  • The 3М™EO Abator System is designed for effective control of EO emissions with 3M™ Sterilizer Steri-Vac™. In the system is used a catalyst technology that converts 99.9% of ethylene, which is removed from sterilizers and aerators Steri-Vac ™, into CO2 (carbon dioxide) and water vapor. The 3М™ EO Abator System works with 5XL and 8XL Sterilizer automatically.More info
  • For more than 30 years, the 3M™ Steri-Vac™ Sterilization System has been the most common and trusted method for broad use, low-temperature sterilization worldwide. Steri-Vac™ sterilizers use 100% ethylene oxide (EO), a method proven to be effective for sterilization of thermolabile and moisture-sensitive medical devices.More info
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